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Break Programs

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Break Programs

March Break

March Break programs are offered at Sundowners full service centres listed below and where there is a sufficient need.

We offer activities that include: creative experiences, a variety of fun learning opportunities such as science; daily indoor and outdoor physical activities; special guests, cooking experiences, and field trips. Staff will offer a variety of activities but the child will also play a vital role in deciding what to explore; projects they may want to work on and have a large variety of creative art materials on hand.

Summer Break

Sundowners Summer Program is full of exciting activities and adventures, including field trips. Each week will find many opportunities for your child to learn and explore the world around them. Children will be involved in learning experiences and program activities that include both the indoor and outdoor environment. Children will be involved in a wide variety of daily physical activities including outdoor games, sports and exploring the natural environment.

We offer exciting programs for children ages 4 to 12 years old. Program activities and experiences will vary depending on your child’s age. Our programs operate out of pre-selected school locations and dependent upon sufficient enrollment. You can enroll you child a minimum of 2 days per week and as many weeks as you need. Each week will offer different activities, may include a field trip and always nutritious snacks and lunch.

Cost to attend is $36. per day for each individual day (minimum of 2 days per week) or $155. per each full week (five days) — a discount of $25.00 per week.

Professional Activity Days for School Age Children

Children age 6 to 12 years old can participate in our full-day Professional Activity Day at any of our selected locations. P.A. Day activities are planned for in advance and based on what is current and may be available in the community at that time. In the past Sundowners children have gone to the movies, bowling, skating, visited community neighbourhood businesses and art centres. Entertainers have often been brought in to provide activities such as magicians, dancers and other special interest groups.

Please note: Trips are subject to change with notice.

The P.A. Day Program drop off usually begin at 7:30am, (7:00am at selected locations) and based on parent’s needs and operates until 6:00pm.

The P.A. Day Program basic fee includes snacks and lunch. An extra fee may be charged depending on the cost of special activities and/or field trip fees. Parents will be notified in advance if extra fees will be charged.