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Halina Jarosz:  2019 Neil J. MacPhee Award of Excellence


Halina was hired as a non-ECE supply in September of 2001.  In June of 2002, she graduated from St. Clair College with a diploma in Early Childhood Education.  In September of that year, she acquired a permanent ECE position with Sundowners.

Halina has worked at a variety of Sundowners locations over the years, including OLPH.  She has been consistently at OLPH since September 2014 and as the only program staff since September 2016.

Halina incorporates “How Does Learning Happen” into her daily programming. She strives to build positive relationships with all the children – not only at Sundowners, but at the school as well.  She provides a wide variety of activities based on the interests and needs of the children in her program.  She is flexible in understanding that these change on a regular basis and she can roll with those changes as they arise.

Halina is a remarkable ambassador for Sundowners and the early childhood education profession.  Her kind and friendly manner speaks volumes of the program she offers to the children.  Families have registered their children with Sundowners because the children are asking to attend, simply because of a conversation between Halina and the children in the hallways. One must only enter her room or have a conversation with her to have a true sense of belonging – everyone is welcome. It is not unusual for a past attendee to stop by just to say ‘hi’ and have a quick chat.

Halina is responsible for all the programming and documenting at O.L.P.H.  She does a wonderful job of planning activities based on the interests of the children.  She regularly posts meaningful documentation for the parents and children to enjoy.

Halina is a leader and mentor as a registered early childhood educator. She leads by example.  Halina attends a variety of workshops each year offered by the City of Windsor and searches out additional opportunities that she believes will enhance her program and her personal learning. Even with time constraints, Halina can mentor new staff that visit O.L.P.H. and provide them with important information regarding the site and Sundowners as a whole.  She is always willing to help with a friendly and kind attitude.

Most of all, Halina has built deep rooted relationships with the families and children in her care.  She greets everyone at the door, she is friendly and always smiling.  Halina is actively engaged with the children during the entire program and is willing to sit and play games.  The parents are always pleased with everything she does to keep the program running smoothly.  Halina has also built a positive rapport with the school community.

Halina is flexible and willing to work at other locations over the break periods.  She works hard to build positive relationships with children throughout the summer and is always looking for creative activities to try with them.  She truly does make a difference in the lives of all the children she works with! The program at O.L.P.H. is truly a hidden gem – thanks to Halina!