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1. How do I register?

The registration process begins with a quick phone call or email. Please contact the Supervisor directly at the Sundowners location or contact the Administration Office at 519-258-8741.

2. Can my child attend part time?

Sundowners accepts part time registrations. Part time could mean just morning or just after school service or less than 5 days per week. Part time registrations must commit to the same days of service to ensure adequate staffing and accurate billing. Additional days may be available, space permitting.

Families requiring varying care will need to provide a schedule in advance whenever possible as payment is based on this schedule. All schedule changes need to go through the Program Supervisor.

3. Can my child attend for school break periods?

YES. A list of available locations will be available through your site supervisor.

4. What happens on ‘snow days’?

Unforeseen child care centre closures may result due to extreme weather, hydro/water failures, or labour disputes. If schools are closed due to weather conditions or other emergencies, the child care centre will be closed. Please listen to local radio stations for child care closing information at CKLW.

5. Is Sundowners open on holidays?

Sundowners’ locations are closed for Statutory Holidays as well as the Civic Holiday in August.

6. What happens if my child is ill?

If your child becomes ill during program time, parents are contacted so arrangements can be made to have your child picked up within one hour of notification.

7. Will I receive an income tax receipt?

An official income tax receipt for child care services provided in the year is prepared for each registered client at no extra charge. Every attempt is made to complete this process by the first week of March the following year. Please note that we are not able to release an income tax receipt on accounts with outstanding balances.

8. What will my child do all day?

Program activities are age appropriate and based on the interests of your child. Daily planned activities provide time for inside and outside play, group and individual activities, quiet and boisterous play, as well as nutritious snacks and lunches. Detailed program plans can be found at each Sundowners location.