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Sundowners has received information from the media that all schools may be closed to students on Friday, February 21, 2020.  ETFO and OECTA have provided official notice of a potential, full withdrawal of services on Friday, February 21, 2020.  ETFO represents employees in Public Elementary Schools and OECTA represents employees in the Catholic Elementary Schools.  In the event that the withdrawal of services goes ahead on February 21, all schools will be closed to students for the day.

Sundowners is working on a Special Contingency Plan to provide care for our families, similar to a PA day.  Care will be offered at King Edward, General Brock, Dougall, Holy Cross, St. John Vianney & Talbot Trail.  Sundowners other locations in the Public and Catholic schools will close.  Preschool children will continue to attend per their usual schedule.  Kindergarten & school age children will have an opportunity to register for the Special Contingency Plan.  Spaces will be limited, and registrations will be taken on a first-come; first-served basis.

We ask parents to confirm with their supervisor in writing as to whether or not you need this special program.  A form will be provided by your supervisor.

Please listen to local media between now and then to determine if schools will be closed.

We will continue to closely monitor and assess the situation.  As always, should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to your site supervisor or contact the administration office at 519-258-8741.