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Alexia joined the Sundowners Team as a Supply in April of 2016 and became a permanent employee in September 2017. She has worked at both Roseland and Hugh Beaton on a consistent basis, as well as all the break sites.  In addition, she has been the Assistant Supervisor at Hugh Beaton since 2020.  Most recently, Alexia is Sundowners’ newest Supervisor effective August 21, 2023.

Alexia truly exemplifies the qualities of a RECE and embraces the four foundations of How Does Learning Happen. She ensures that every child feels special and part of the group each and every day.

Parents truly appreciate the skills and spirit that Alexia brings to her program.  They note her ability to: provide a nurturing environment; maintain a positive attitude; build strong relationships with children and their families; hone in on the individual strengths of the children; and inspire confidence.  Most parents comment on her ability to make connections with all children.  One parent stated that she is 100% about the kids – she sees the situation from the child’s perspective.  She takes time to talk about the child’s day, she goes out of her way to say ‘hi’ to a child, even on his non-Sundowners day, and she ensures every child is included. Another noted that they have artwork in their living room that was a collaboration between their child and Ms. Albano.

Alexia is a team player and endeavors to ensure the needs of the children are always met.  Prior to leaving the Roseland location, she provided the incoming RECE with a note about each child – their likes, dislikes, temperaments, and favourite activities.  She also provided a detailed example of the daily schedule and a map of where items were in the classroom. These summaries were positive, professional, and encouraging!

To sum up:  Ms. Albano goes above and beyond on a daily basis – “we need more ECE’s like Ms. Albano!”


Congratulations to the recipient of the 2023 Neil J. MacPhee Award of Excellence: Alexia Albano.