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 We are now accepting registrations for all programs!

We provide programs for Toddler, Pre-School, Kindergarten & School Age children.

Register Now for September 2018!

 Providing an enriched play-based & learning program for your child!

Part-time and Full-time available- (minimum 2-days per week required)

Call the ADMINISTRATION OFFICE: 519-258-8741or any of our

full service centre locations highlighted below or visit us at:

LaSalle Public          519-734-8022               *Dougall                  519-971-7887    

*Holy Cross          519-966-9426             Glenwood                 519-972-7455

Christ the King        519-250-0211                  Hugh Beaton            519-254-3160

St. John Vianney     519-948-0343                Princess Elizabeth   519-944-6941

O.L.P.H.                     519-966-7201                Roseland                   519-972-6257

*King Edward       519-256-5622            Forest Glade             519-739-6295

*General Brock     519-253-5709           *Talbot Trail         519-250-5562

John Campbell          519-253-4443               Tecumseh Vista       519-979-7519

Dr. David Suzuki       519-945-8786               Northwood               519-996-1387 cell#

  “Sundowners Goes Above & Beyond”

Parents can complete the NEW on-line Registry—OneHSN by

going to the website:

Apply for fee subsidy on-line

Children’s Services City of Windsor for clients who qualify.

(Licensed by the Ministry of Education)

All staff are Registered Early Childhood Educators.