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See what the children at Sundowners Talbot Trail and Sundowners Brock sites are up to this week. 

This week was filled with  learning about how caterpillar crystals form and grow into beautiful Luna Moths to colour blending and colour mixing, creating eruptions using different mediums such as mentos candies, pop, baking soda and vinegar.  See the children having great fun on Mud Day, spreading, creating and mixing and making all kinds of mud shapes.

Again this year the group of Japanese Exchange Students from Misono visited of our Sundowners locations.  The children enjoyed learning some of the Japanese language, Japanese writing, learning about origami and they even had the opportunity to make Japanese fans.  The young Japanese students were wonderful and the children had a great time.

Some of the children got a wonderful opportunity to visit the Farmers Market in Sandwich town.  They had fun on a scavenger hunt where they had to find and identify different fruits and vegetables such as peppers, new potatoes,  apples, and peaches. Stay tuned and see what great things the children are doing over the next few weeks.  SEE THE PICTURES BELOW!

Summer Fun! 2016