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The preschool children celebrated Diwali, The Festival of Lights which is India’s biggest and most important holiday. Lights and fireworks have a significant role in this festival.

The children painted with sponge spike balls that created a firework effect on paper.  They sprinkled glitter onto their artwork to make the paint sparkle and look more colourful.




The children then made Diyas (Diwali lamps) by using the top half of a water bottle, colouring it with bright markers and adding a battery operated tea light.  The children held their Diyas in their hands as a group while they observed the light.  As a group we also sang songs about light.






The children gathered together and watched as various lights were shown.  There was a bundle of sparkly white lights and ball of multi coloured lights that produced lots of light throughout the room.  The children observed the lights on the ceiling, walls and floor.  The children loved watching the various lights.




“Having a strong sense of their own and others’ cultural history and the traditions associated with it helps children build a positive cultural identity for themselves.  Children’s connections to theirs and others’  cultures develops through these experiences and supports children’s sense of belonging.”

The children visually attended to things in their environment, named and described things they have observed while learning art forms from other cultures and ethnic groups.