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Tuition Updates:  January 13, 2021

Preschool Programs:  Due to the uncertainties of the pandemic, Sundowners Day Care did not process the January 10, 2021 tuition withdrawal for February tuition.  The accounting department will send out letters to advise of payments required.  Regular preauthorized debit payments will resume on February 10, 2021 (for March tuition fees.)

Before & After School Programs: The January 10th   preauthorized debit payment was not processed.  The February 10th payment will not be processed.  Upon confirmation of the schools re-opening for in-person learning, the accounting department will work towards reconciling accounts.  You will be notified by accounting if there is a balance owing.

We sincerely appreciate your patience during this time.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, please do not hesitate to reach out to your supervisor or the accounting department at 519-258-8741 or