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Collage Talk

A collage is a work of art made by combining pieces that have to do with one topic or idea. Many different kinds of materials can be used, but each piece is put into the collage for a reason – it fits there!

You need:

What to do:

Choose an idea for your collage. Collect “pieces” that relate to the idea . . . you can write or draw them, cut them out of magazines and newspapers, or form them from other materials. You might want to use cut-out letters or words, or bits of poetry, music or coloured fabric. Lay the pieces on cardboard or wood and move them around until you like the arrangement.

Then, glue them in place. Give your collage a title, if you wish. In case someone asks, be ready to tell what is important about each piece.

Note: this is a great idea to preserve all those souvenirs that are collected on vacation.