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Human Humdingers


Put your feet together, bend over, and grab hold of your toes with both hands. Can you hop forward? In order to hop, you have to lean forward to shift your centre of gravity ahead of your feet ­ but you can¹t do this because you¹re hanging onto your toes.


Stand Up

Sit in a chair with your back straight, feet flat on the ground, and arms straight at your sides. Now try to stand up, using no hands and without leaning forward. It is not possible. Your centre of gravity is over the chair; to shift your centre of gravity over your feet you have to lean over, and to do that you would have to get up.


Coin Sniff

Kneel on the floor with your knees together. Put your arms on the floor in front of you, with your elbows against your knees. Put a coin on the floor at your outstretched fingertips.


Kneel upright

While holding your hands behind your back, try to touch the coin with your nose. If you have a low centre of gravity, it should be easier for you to touch the coin.


Leg Up

Put your right arm and foot against a wall. Try to lift up your left leg. You won¹t be able to do it. To balance on your right foot, you have to shift your centre of gravity directly over that foot, which means leaning in that direction. Since you can¹t lean through the wall, you need your left foot on the ground to keep your balance.

*** Your centre of gravity is the point around which your body weight is centered. All objects have a centre of gravity. For example, a pencil¹s centre of gravity is above the point at which you can balance the pencil perfectly on your finger. ***


Simply Knot Possible

Try to tie a knot in a 2-foot long string without letting go with either hand. It is a cinch if you cross your arms first and then pick up the string by both ends. Next uncross your arms and you will automatically knot the string.


Get it Write

Try simultaneously writing your name and swinging one foot in a circle. It is trickier than you think, because your tendency is to move your hand and foot the same way.