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Math…or Mind Reading?

With just two simple calculations, your child can amaze his friends and family by appearing to read their minds. The magician should secretly memorize the ninth listing on page 108 on your local phone book ahead of time, than follow these steps.

Ask the audience for 3 different digits and write them down for all to see. Reverse these digits and subtract the smaller number from the larger one.

Note: if you get 99 for an answer, place a 0- in front of it (099) to keep it a 3-digit number.

Reverse those digits and add them to the answer from step 2. Now announce, “These numbers tell me that I must have an audience member open the phone book to page one hundred eight and find the ninth listing on the page.” Ask the volunteer to concentrate on the listing. Pretend to read her mind for a moment, then astound your audience by declaring the name.

*The Secret: No matter what 3 digits you start with, you’ll always end up with 1,089 as the answer!